The Born Digital Wine Awards, brought to you by Wine in Moderation (#BDWAbyWIM) is the only international award to identify and reward responsible voices in wine communication that celebrate diversity and cultural expression.

Announcing the 2017 BDWAbyWIM Awards

The Born Digital Wine Awards, brought to you by Wine in Moderation:

  • focus is on the content the audience experience when they are reading
  • are decided by an international panel of respected judges representing the diverse world of wine and publishing
  • value great content in 7 different languages
  • believes that quality and responsible content contributes to a shared Culture of Wine

These awards are unique – because they focus on just the BEST ARTICLES, VIDEOS and PHOTOS, published in DIFFERENT LANGUAGES (German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Greek), and because they reward RESPONSIBLE content that benefits the whole of the wine world for the long term.


We believe that what really matters is the content the audience experience when they are reading or viewing it – not the body of work of that creator. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve written 1 or 100 posts, or created 199 other videos if THIS ONE is the one that makes the difference.

The BDWAbyWIM awards value great content in 7 different languages in order to promote the individuals who create it. We want to help creators to better achieve their potential by getting trade and consumer recognition – no matter where the live, work and play. This benefits the wine business around the world by promoting diversity and uniqueness and reaching a greater number of consumers.


In addition, BDWAbyWIM believes that quality and responsible content contributes to a shared Culture of Wine, and as such it has a role to play in promoting this culture in a positive and sustainable way for the long term benefit of individuals and society.

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Categories & Prizes

BDWAbyWIM 2017 Categories & Prizes
Win up to €500 in each of the following categories and prizes

Best Investigative / Journalistic Wine Story

For a distinguished example of trade journalism, investigative or traditional journalistic reporting

Best Editorial / Opinion Wine Writing

For outstanding examples of wine writing, giving prime consideration to literary quality and originality

Best Tourism Content with a Focus on Wine

For content encouraging readers to explore specific places, with a link to the region's wine

Best Wine Themed Video

Video content that reaches an audience in a visual context and educates, demonstrates, entertains or builds awareness for wine

Best Wine Photo

A competition for the best of this year's photos of any subject, on the theme of 'celebrating wine culture'


Responsibility Prize

A prize for the entry in ANY category that best promotes the Culture of Wine and demonstrates the message of Responsibility & Moderation

Testimonials from past winners

  • Wink Lorch What makes this competition particularly intriguing is that it is just a single piece of work that is judged – it’s a fascinating learning experience choosing what to submit and then finding out what the distinguished team of judges feels merits an award.
    Wink Lorch
    Second place; Best Editorial/Opinion Wine Writing
  • Sophie McLean Very happy to see a category for wine and tourism at long last. These two subjects should surely form the basis of all wine discoveries. Wine is contextual - each bottle of wine is an human and physical geography lesson in itself, so by making the tourism element as much of a focus as the taste, it ensures a full circle understanding of why that wine is meant to be.
    Sophie McLean
    Third place (joint); Best Tourism Content with a Focus on Wine
  • Matt Walls Headshot Thanks for the award! Hopefully it will help me reach more people and help them get just as much enjoyment out of wine as I do.
    Matt Walls
    Third place; Best Editorial/Opinion Wine Writing
  • Helena Nicklin I'm so chuffed to have had a Winebird video awarded by the BDWA. My style is a little different, so this has really increased my confidence to go out and make more!
    Helena Nicklin
    Third place; Best Wine Themed Video
  • Bourgogne_Live_Prod_-_About_-_Video_Production_-_Photographs Aurélien Ibanez et moi-même sommes très fiers d’avoir été récompensé pour le film « Pommard, le Temps Vigneron » et de permettre ainsi de faire la promotion dans le monde entier de cette très belle appellation de Bourgogne
    François Desperriers
    Second place; Best Wine Themed Video
  • erika_main
    Success in wine writing can mean many different things. I'm delighted that the community has an award devoted to the writing quality of single articles, delighted all over again to receive it, and hope that we continue to recognize and value the myriad wonderful sides to writing about wine.
    Erika Szymanski
    Winner; Best Investigative/Journalistic Wine Story
  • YeamansIrwin Headshot 1
    To have just been shortlisted for this award in the company of such amazing talent was incredible, but to have been chosen as one of the top three was positively humbling.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the judges for recognizing the importance of science and research in journalism and wine writing, and thank you for choosing my work to help spread that message to others around the globe.
    Becca Yeamans-Irwin
    Third place; Best Investigative/Journalistic Wine Story
  • alder_Casual I take great pride in having been recognized by a set of awards conceived to honor and support the very thing that I've spent a portion of the last 12 years of my life pursuing. The world needs more great wine content that is born digital.
    Alder Yarrow
    Winner; Best Tourism Content with a Focus on Wine &
    Second place; Best Investigative/Journalistic Wine Story
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