The Born Digital Wine Awards are an attempt to give value to the new wave of online wine journalism. Each year, the best examples of electronic publishing, including videos and photography, from across the world will be reviewed by a panel of top industry professionals, with prizes awarded in a range of categories.

Online publishing of wine content, whether it be it video, blogging, twitter, or one of many other platforms, continues to progress considerably. There have been attempts to judge and categorize the quality of this output, but there is arguably a lack of emphasis on the subject matter itself, an over-emphasis on the personalities and design behind this content, and few awards have had a global relevance.

Pulitzer Awards style system (in form only) for the online wine communications world. The idea is to stimulate and promote quality wine content by creating awards with real value, decided by a panel of respected judges representing the diverse world of wine and publishing.

The BDWA is not a “blogging” award, nor an emerging wine writer award. The organisers believe that the future of content creation will eventually adopt a digital first (or “born digital“) approach, where content is first published on the web, and only a fraction ever being printed. However the wine business has been slow to adapt to this reality, so print publications and a limited number of contributors, are still the reference points for “quality” content. It is not just new voices that are emerging online, some of these same contributors are increasingly publishing unique content to the web, so it is time to assess what the new quality standards should be.

The inaugural year of the awards, received several hundred entries from 16 different countries around the world, culminating in an awards presentation at the London International Wine Fair, in May.  The judging panel were extremely impressed by the quality and breadth of content.  As the digital world advances rapidly, Born Digital will attempt to mirror this progress. Results being the addition of a new award category and an evolving panel of proficient and innovative judges.

All nominated content must first be published in an electronic format, online. Content may eventually end up in print publications, but only after the original article is published in an electronic format.

2011 Shortlist

2011 Winners

2012 Shortlist

2012 Winners

The 2013 Awards will be open for submissions soon

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