This category covers outstanding examples of wine writing, giving prime consideration to literary quality and originality

Format: text

  • 2000 words or fewer
  • Exploring any aspect of the wine industry from a personal point of view
  • May include personal opinions
  • Value will be given to the BDWA “Quality Criteria” with an emphasis on Clarity of Message and Originality


You have a distinct opinion and point of view, and we like that. For the Editorial category, we want you to express your subjective voice.

The goal of this category is to highlight the Original—entertaining, thought-provoking, and uniquely interesting writing—while avoiding the common (see: travelogues and typical source reporting). We want original content or commentary that demonstrates a clear grasp of the subject matter to a wine consumer audience (whether they have a commercial relationship to the wine business or not).

In general, this content should share insight and inform consumers about the wide world of wine, but let’s not forget that most importantly—like wine—it should entertain and encourage readers to engage in new ways.