A broad category for content exploring the relationship between wine and food.

Format: Writtentextorvideo

  • Maximum of 1500 words for text, 10 minutes for video
  • Exploring any aspect of the relationship between food and wine (i.e. pairings, historical development of one and the other)
  • Mayincludepersonalopinions
  • Value will be given to the BDWA “Quality Criteria” with an emphasis on the Quality of Presentation

Website summary:

As Julia Child said, “Wine is meant to be with food, that’s the point of it.” Sure, you agree, but we want you to show us why.

The entries in this category aren’t judged so much on the format, but on the ability to communicate in a uniquely entertaining and engaging way about the symbiotic relationship between food and wine. We’re looking for something enticing: make your audience want to buy that wine and eat that food (together, of course—that’s the whole point). Give your audience a better understanding of how that wine or food has been influenced by the other.

Judges will consider the quality of the message, the presentation of materials and the use of the digital multi-media possibilities (photo, video, etc.).