A special award selected by Vinventions highlighting innovation in the wine industry or work which is innovative in its presentation of content.

Format: Written text, recorded or visual mediums

  • No maximum limit or length, although quality, innovation and creativity are key
  • Exploring any aspect of the wine business
  • Entries will be assessed by Vinventions

Website summary:

Maybe you think about things differently, maybe you have a different way of telling a story or digging up the truth. Maybe you believe the status quo is there to be challenged. Maybe you would like to change what’s old, and maybe you also believe that looking backwards won’t bring our industry forward.

At Vinventions, this is what we believe in. Innovation is in everything we do to push the wine closures industry forward, and it’s also something that is valued above all by Vinventions and the Born Digital Wine Awards. Together, we’re changing the way we talk about, think about and communicate about wine in the industry.

This special category presented by Vinventions spans all categories and media formats. Applications for this are additional to the 3 entry limit for other categories.

Show us what you’ve got! We look forward to embracing your innovative ways.