Acknowledging environmentally-progressive and sustainable achievements by organizations or individuals in the wine industry, across all categories.

Format: Written text, video or podcast

  • Exploring sustainability trailblazers and best practices in the wine business
  • All entries in the above categories will be assessed according to their focus on sustainability with the top scoring entry being assigned the Sustainability award.


What does sustainability mean for the wine industry? It’s been a hot topic in recent years, but even more in 2018 as general consumers and regulators alike push for it—and whatever environmental, social or economic changes that entails—stronger than ever before. While the wine industry still has a long road ahead to reach better sustainability goals, many companies and individuals are already working for change and making great strides in building a sustainable future in wine.

This content should recognize these sustainability leaders in their achievements to encourage others to follow in their steps, telling their stories and displaying their impact on the wine industry and how we think about wine. Help us celebrate these pioneers and expand their good work!

This special award spans all categories and media formats. Entries will be allocated a score for innovation in addition to the regular judging parameters.