We are extremely excited to announce the Shortlist for the 2010 Born Digital Wine Awards! Though the competition was very tight, our judges came through with flying colors narrowing down the large number of entries from around the world to a very concise and deserving list of “Top 5” for each category (the one exception being the Editorial category which had such a breadth of high-scoring entries from every corner of the world).

We are very appreciative to everyone who took part and entered such great material. The winners will be announced at the London International Wine Fair, on the Access Zone, on May 18th 2011 at 10:30 (GMT). As the Access Zone will be streamed live, you can join us at: www.vrazon.com/accesszone.

The “Top 5″ in each category, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, are listed below. We encourage you to check them all out and make up your own mind before the announcement of the winners:

Best Editorial Wine Writing

Oliver Styles: Sherry Cartels and Bordeaux Negociants
Erika Szymanski: Top Ten Microbes in Your Wine
Tim Atkin: Towards a New Chile (Part 1)
Blake Gray: The 10 Most Overrated Wines
Jamie Goode: Wine Tasting: Subjective or Objective
Alder Yarrow: The Philosophy of Wabi-Sabi and Wine

Best Investigative Wine Story

Best Winery Self Produced Content

Bernhard Fiedler: Alkohol-Zunahmi – English Translation
Randall Grahm: Love Among the Vines
Kerith Overstreet: Hubris – It’s Not Just for Icarus Anymore
Randall Grahm: On a Mission: The Germ of an Idea
Brian Overstreet: Anatomy of a 91 Point Wine Score

Best Wine Tourism Feature

Marc Hinton: Madrid to Ribera del Duero
Wink Lorch: Wine Days Out in the French Alps
Joe Roberts: Endangered Species: Santorini Wine Fights for Its Survival
Ryan Reichert: A Long Walk Thorugh the Wines of Spain
Tom Fiorina: Corsican Wines and Corsica, a twenty-year journey of discovery

Best Wine Themed Video

Jay Selman: The Scent of Black
The Qwoff Boys: Palm Trees & 100 Year Old Port
Adrian Franklin: Opening a Bottle of Port with a Feather
Zev Robinson: Life on the Douro
The Qwoff Boys: Peter Lehmann Kitchen

Congratulations to all the short listed entrants! We look forward to announcing the winners in 2 weeks!