Our Partners around the world that support the work and reach of the BDWAbyWIM

The Born Digital Wine Awards, brought to you by Wine in Moderation are extremely grateful for the support of the following organisations around the world, who work in partnership with Vrazon and Wine in Moderation to achieve the goals of the awards.

Our Partnerships are intended to broaden the awareness of the awards, to involve more creators from new regions, and to highlight the content from different places to give new perspectives and local flavour to wine culture.

Professional Association Partnerships

Regional Partners

Bodegas de Argentina
Partner - Argentina
Bodegas de Argentina is a national wine chamber, created in 2001 by the merger of the Mendoza Winemakers Centre (1935) and Argentinean Viticultural Association (1904).
This Chamber has more than 250 member wineries from all wine regions of the country, both domestic and foreign, from traditional to modern, that it represents with different agencies and institutions. 70% are small wineries. Its members constitute over 70% of the domestic market, and 90% of exports of bottled wines from Argentina.


Tel: (+54 261) 423-8663
E-mail: [email protected]

The National Interprofessional Organization of Vine and Wine of Greece established in 2000 from the institutions KEOSOE (CENTRAL UNION OF VINE AND WINE PRODUCING COOPERATIVE ORGANIZATIONS OF GREECE), which is a third degree branch cooperative organization, and SEO (GREEK WINE FEDERATION), which represents the majority of private wine producers. The Interprofessional Organization of Vine and Wine has been recognized as national by the Hellenic Agricultural Ministry since 2001 (Decision No 339097/9-2-2001) and represents both vine and wine sectors in Greece. Some of the basic aims of the Organization are to:
  • improve knowledge and transparency of production and the market,
  • help to coordinate better the way products are placed on the market, in particular by means of research and market studies,
  • provide the information and carry out the research necessary to adjust production towards products more suited to market requirements and consumer tastes and expectations, in particular with regard to product quality and protection to the environment,
  • develop methods and instruments for improving product quality at all stages of production, vinification and marketing etc.
89 Sevastoupoleos str. 11526 Athens, Greece Tel: 00302103226057 Fax: 00302103226050 

Federación Española del Vino
Partner - Spain
The Spanish Wine Federation, FEDERACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DEL VINO (FEV), is a private organization created in 1978 to represent and defend the Spanish wine industry and boost the trade of all wines and products elaborated from grapes.


Nearly 600 wineries belong to FEV, either directly or through the main regional and sectorial associations. Since its creation, FEV has been working on behalf of the Spanish wine industry in general, and it has become the first national representative of the wine sector both in Spain and in the international arena.


Besides promoting wine as a basic part of the Mediterranean diet, FEV´s goals are to seek for the best production environment for the wineries to face the strong competition of the worldwide markets. Also, FEV provides a large variety of services to its members: from an active policy of information on all matters affecting the interests of the sector, to consultancy services and promotional activities, as well as establishing common positions for the Spanish wineries.


At a national level, FEV works as the main mediator with the national and regional administrations. At an international level, FEV is an active member of Comité Européen des Enterprises Vins (CEEV) and participates in the Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin (OIV) working groups and the consultative organs of the European Union related to the wine industry. Last but not least, the FEV is one of the main developers of the European program Wine in Moderation, which promotes responsible consumption of wine.


Tel: +34 91 576 27 26
Fax: +34 91 575 11 14
E-mail: [email protected]

Partner - France
The association Vin & Société was created in 2007. It represents and unites the French wine industry with the objective to transmit knowledge about wine and its culture and to promote responsible drinking.


Its members are:
  • 21 regional interprofessions which represent all winemakers by region
  • 7 national organisations: Trade (UM-Vin); production (CNAOC, Vignerons indépendants, ANIVIN de France, CCVF, CFVDP) ; CNIV


During 2011 and 2013, Vin & Société focused on the communication of drinking guidelines and the "culture" of wine, safeguarding drinking in moderation as a social norm. With an investment of about 2 million euros to develop large communication campaigns and educational activities, the French wine sector through V&S managed to reach French society (consumers, professionals and other stakeholders) and raise awareness and knowledge.


12 rue Sainte Anne
FR-75001 Paris
T: +33 (0)1 55 35 08 35