Responsible Communication Guidelines

“I support responsible communication.

This content does not encourage or condone excessive alcohol consumption or misuse of any kind”

To read more about why this matters, please read our statement about the culture of wine and the role of the wine communicator.

What do we mean by “Responsible Communication*”?

We ask that authors recognize that their communication should not condone alcohol misuse and abuse and that it meets the following principles:


Communication about wine should comply with Regulations and any self-regulatory codes of practice in force whatever the content, the publishing medium or the form that this takes.


Communication about wine shall be decent, honest, and truthful.


Communications shall be prepared with a due sense of social responsibility and shall meet the requirements of fairness, good faith and good business practices. They must not be unethical, offend against generally prevailing standards of taste and decency or otherwise be an affront to human dignity and integrity.


Communication should not:

  • Encourage or condone excessive or irresponsible consumption, nor trivialise such consumption, nor present abstinence or moderate consumption in any negative way;
  • Present situations of abusive consumption. They shall not display people who appear to have drunk excessively or in any way imply that excessive consumption is acceptable;
  • Suggest any association with violent, aggressive, illegal, dangerous or antisocial behavior.


Communication on moderate responsible consumption should inform about the health risks and benefits related to the consumption of Wines, on the basis of the available scientific evidence.

*These principles are for any forms of communication that are not “commercial communication” which is defined as any advertising or marketing communication instrument by a business enterprise, regardless of the medium used, with the primary objective of promoting sales of goods or services to consumers, including sponsorship, internet, consumer and trade promotion, merchandising and point of sale material, excluding editorial content;

For Commercial Communication Principles and for more information on Responsible Communication and Self-regulation please check the Wine Communication Standards

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