The Born Digital Wine Awards, brought to you by Wine in Moderation pride themselves in having created a rigorous and fair system to judge content from wine content creators from all over the world. We have built a system to receive and share content with our judges so they can assess this wherever they are, and wherever it originates from. We hope this model will encourage a better understanding of wine culture across the world and help us to promote the very best content.

We kindly ask that you take the time to read through the Guidelines in detail to ensure that your content fits the desired category.

Please note, that:

- ONLY content that was first published online can be submitted.

Content needs to have originally been published online between 1st January 2014 and 30 June 2015

- ONLY the author or authors of a work may submit content.

If you are an editor or owner of a publication or website, please notify your authors so that they can submit the content directly.

- ONLY enter content in ONE category

- ONLY submit a maximum of 3 entries

The submission itself will first be judged for adherence to the submission guidelines. Any submission that does not follow the instructions listed below will be rejected and the person submitting the work will have one more chance to submit the work correctly. Please click on  the following link to read the full submission guidelines.

Latest Guidelines in English

Good luck, and cheers!

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