Thank you for making this the biggest edition yet!

The 2018 edition of the Born Digital Wine Awards with Vinventions closed submissions on 7th January attracting more entries from online content creators than any previous edition. We’d like to say a big thank you for taking the time to enter!

This year’s awards underwent a considerable change to the categories creating multimedia categories for interviews, visual storytelling, tourism as well as food and wine content and we were happy to see the changes were so well received. You sent in work from around the globe and we saw a 20% increase in entry numbers from previous years. It was great to see so many more German and French entries to the competition, enriching the international component of the award so “Merci” and “Vielen Dank!”.

The accepted entries are now being looked over by our panel of second round, native-speaker assessors who look at all the material in the original form. The third round of evaluation will then be carried out in February by a panel of expert judges and influencers.

For those of you who entered the Innovation Award, Vinventions’ Global Marketing Communications Director, Reka Haros, is having lots of fun looking over the entries. You may hear back from us or her as she has more questions to ask about your projects.

In March, we’ll be announcing the Shortlists and shortly after the winners of each category and award. We will also have some some really exciting news about a Summit we are preparing with Vinventions to talk about the future of Communication in the Wine Industry. This year’s winners will receive an invitation to attend the end over the first weekend of June and join our panel of judges in the discussion! More news to follow!

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