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Background on the Born Digital Wine Awards, brought to you by Wine in Moderation

Online publishing of wine content, whether it be it long- or short-form text, audio, video or photography, continues to develop and change. There have been attempts to judge and categorize the quality of this output, but there is a lack of emphasis on the subject matter itself, an over-emphasis on the personalities and design behind this content, and few awards have had a global relevance.


The idea behind the Born Digital Wine Awards, brought to you by Wine in Moderation (#BDWAbyWIM) is to stimulate and promote quality wine content by creating awards with real value, decided by a panel of respected judges representing the diverse world of wine and publishing. The focus is on the material the audience experience, not the body of work produced by individuals which might vary considerably. We also believe that as wine is a global product, the reach should be international, not defined by a single culture.


BDWAbyWIM is not a “blogging” award, nor an emerging wine writer award. The organisers believe that the future of content creation will eventually adopt a digital first (or “born digital“) approach, where content is first published on the web, and only a fraction ever being printed. The wine business has taken some time to adapt to this reality, so print publications and thus a limited number of contributors, remained the reference points for “quality” content. This has changed radically in only a few years, but who are the new reference points? It is not just new voices that are emerging online, in fact many contributors to traditional media have also begun publishing unique content to the web, so it is time to define what the new quality standards should be.


The inaugural year of the awards was 2011, when we received several hundred entries from 16 different countries around the world, culminating in an awards presentation at the London International Wine Fair, in May 2011. The awards also ran in 2012, but were not run in 2013/14 while we sought a partner to develop this mission of the awards.


In 2015 we were very pleased to have received the backing of the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre (WIM) campaign. Our joint goal is to source great new content that brings the Culture of Wine to the widest possible audience, helps to educate and inform the consumer in a responsible way, and safeguards the future of the wine as an integral part of local and national cultures across the globe.



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