5 Ways wineries and consortiums should be using BDWA to build their brand

For the industry’s established writers, journalists and bloggers, applying to (and hopefully being at least shortlisted) Born Digital Wine Awards is an easy and obvious way to gain publicity, credibility and even money. Wineries and consortiums on the other hand, very often don’t realize just how BDWA can be valuable for them in building their brand on an international platform. Here we are with 5 pointers:

1)  Direct Material – Do you produce your own infographics and photos of the region? Shoot and publish your own videos? Do you write your own content for your website covering food and wine, or tourism? This is all material that you could enter directly into the Born Digital Wine Awards into the relevant categories. Both the Food & Wine content and Tourism Content with a Wine focus are great ways of getting printed articles more visibility. Last year our tourism winners were very proud of their achievement and so were the wine regions that sponsored their trips, they were all eager to join in the chat and in doing so, reached a much wider audience than the original publication. This year’s new visual storytelling category gives consortiums and regions a real chance to tell us about the essence of a region or appellation through up to five linked images. Here it’s not about the quality of the images but rather the entertaining or informative story that links them.

2)  Indirect material – did you bring journalists to your region or your estate? Did they produce material after which you really enjoyed reading, listening to or watching (remember we do have podcasts and video in some categories this year)? If so, encourage them to submit their work. If it gets shortlisted or even wins, you’ll get extra exposure and interest, guaranteed. If you have a PR agency working for you, ask them to do to speak to the journalists. If they scoop a prize it’s a win-win situation for everyone

3)  Innovation Award – our main sponsor, Vinventions, has created an Innovation Award to reward communicators and businesses in the wine industry that are challenging the status quo, to shine. Are you doing something you think no-one else is? Are you communicating in a new way? Are you investing in some element of your business which is new to the industry? Tell us about it and you could throw your project right into the limelight.

4) Shortlists – if you want to understand which journalists and content producers are creating great material, just take a look at our shortlists. With material accepted in several languages, you can also get an idea of who is saying what in the countries you are targeting – journalists, opinion leaders, you may also find someone who published material that directly affects you and then reach out to them.

5) Inspiration – The aim of these awards is not only to reward producers of great content but also to push the wine industry forward. These shortlists and prizes become the inspiration for how you could be doing something differently or better

Submissions for the Born Digital Wine Awards will open on 1st December for material that was produced online between 1st July 2017 and 30th November 2018 so if you’ve got something to enter, make sure it gets posted before the end of the month. Full information about each of our categories can be seen on the Categories and Awards pages.

Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash


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